Top Gift Suggestions for your Girlfriend – What to Give and What Not to Give?

The kind of gift that you get for your girlfriend can only be determined by two factors and these are the special occasion and the kind of things that she likes to get as gifts per se.

As you just can’t go out and just buy any old thing and pass it off as a gift. A gift mustn’t only contain thought. It must have caring from the heart.

Special dates to remember (day first met, birthday etc.)

It’s not a good thing if a man forgets special dates with regards to his girlfriend. So Please take note of the many special dates to remember and there are ways to do it so you won’t forget.

One way is to get a calendar especially for these important dates and mark them accordingly on the calendar. You can also keep a miniature date book and record said dates in there too. Another idea is to make a computer file with important dates as well.

All three of these are great ways so as not to forget each day that is special to both you and her. Some of the key special dates to remember are as follows:

  • The date that you two first met or started dating on
  • Her birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversary
  • Mother’s Day
  • Birth of a baby

Of course the dates cited fit in with each specific occasion as a rule. So make notes of the dates to suit the situation. Women don’t like to be forgotten on their important days. No matter if they’re your girlfriend, wife, and so forth.

How to give/buy the right gifts (things to note)

Giving a gift is just as hard as buying the right gift for your girlfriend. But it is very good to take note of the things that she either likes or needs the most. Sometimes items on a wishlist can also prove to be the proper gift that will not only delight her but tickle her fancy too.

Therefore the first thing to consider when buying a gift for your girlfriend is to get her something special that she isn’t likely to ever forget. Every woman wants the ultimate gift and by ultimate this means something they’ve either always wanted and never gotten or an item that they aren’t expecting to get. But not everyone can afford the “ultimate” gift. So if you can’t get first choice, you can settle on second best and what your wallet can afford.

The key word is to get her a gift that will mean something to her personally and not just something she can brag about or show off to her girl friends. It should contain lots of thought and feelings too in addition.

The following steps are the best way to both give and buy the right gift for her. They include the following:

Recall any past talks you’ve had with your girlfriend and remember if she gave you any hints as to what she did want?

Buy something practical as opposed to frivolous. As everyone and anyone likes these kind of gifts a good bit of the time

Ask her mother or some of her friends what her specific tastes are with regards to gifts. Feedback from those who know her best can always help out.

It’s the thought that matters most. So keep this in mind when shopping. If you don’t have a lot of money. Get her what you can afford. Even if it costs less money. Little things do mean a lot.

If she has a specific like or hobby. You can usually find a gift to accommodate them.

If you don’t know what to get her and all else fails. Buy her a gift certificate at either a department store, clothing store, or general merchandise place and let her pick out something for her own self that will make her happy.

Type of gifts to give for each occasion

Gifts for Christmas, bday, valentine day, other occasions:

The type of gifts that you can give your girlfriend for each occasion should suit the occasion and blend in well with how you feel about her during whatever special time that is happening as a rule.

Gifts for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s Day, and other occasions should speak for themselves and show her just how much you treasure being with her not only on special occasions and holidays. But for every day of the year and the time that you’ve been together. Therefore the specialness of you two as a couple should fit in well with the specialness of the moment. Be it a holiday, special occasion, or just whenever you want her to know that you both love and appreciate her for the woman and the person that she is in your life.

Surprise gifts:

Surprise gifts can also prove to be way well received and liked by your girlfriend. As they offer so much on all fronts just for the sheer curious factor alone. One awesome surprise gift would be to take a trip somewhere with your girlfriend. This would simply leave her speechless. That’s what the purpose of a surprise gift is as a rule. The surprise effect involved. However almost anything and everything can serve as a surprise gift if it is something she isn’t expecting to get from you. Therefore buy her something that she usually doesn’t get from you. Sometimes odd or unexpected are the key words with regards to obtaining surprise gifts for the girlfriend.

You can get her a collectible item, personalized photo stamps, and so forth. The sky’s the limit where surprise gifts are concerned. So make sure to use your imagination and strive to be different when coming up with gift ideas.

Gifts Not to Give

Girlfriends generally like a lot of gifts as a rule. But there are some gifts not to give to her. Men and women are totally different in many ways and this applies to the way in which they look at gifts. Gifts do mean the world to women. Men view them differently however. Men don’t seem to pay attention to them as much as women.

Nor do they realize the importance of gifts that much too. Women read into the messages that a gift gives. Therefore choosing the right gift can sometimes prove to be difficult. As it mustn’t only express your love and thoughtfulness per se. But also a thousand words that have their very own meaning and speak loudly to her.

The gifts not to give her include some of the following:

  • No insult gifts
  • No cheap perfume
  • No lingerie that isn’t sexy or doesn’t fit her properly.
  • No gifts that make her feel self-conscious or bad about herself
  • No gifts that are intended for you and you want to share it with her.

These are just a few of the things that aren’t advisable to give as gifts. Only buy her a present that communicates itself greatly to her in some personal way. This is your best bet overall. Buy her the gift that will make her feel special and loved. Nothing more, nothing less.

Gift Wrapping

The gift wrapping that you chose should also reflect the occasion or moment specifically. It should compliment the special gift that is being contained within as well. Sometimes gift wrapping is also free when you buy a gift at a store or wherever else.

Gift wrapping is unique in that it represents the moment and the gift being given.

What to Write on the Gift

What to write? That is the question. Well the one and only answer to this question is the obvious. You need to write whatever you feel in your heart and that you want her to know firsthand. Feelings aren’t only actions. They’re also words in addition. So tell her how you’re feeling and what you’re feeling. Also how special she is and the reason that she’s in your life. Nothing touches a woman’s heart more than to be told how much she’s loved and appreciated. Make sure that your words speak for themselves!

How to Deliver the Gifts – Postage vs Giving Personally

How to deliver the gifts – postage versus personally? Well again this one is open to impression on your part and to suit the individual occasion. It also depends on if your girlfriend lives close by or a distance from you. If she does live far away from you for whatever reason. Then postage would be the best option overall to have her gift delivered.

But nothing can equal a gift being delivered personally by the person who bought it themselves for her especially. So the personally counts way more than the postage option as a rule. As personal assures your girlfriend how you personally feel about her and how you’ve gone out of your way to make her feel so special and cared about per se.