How Do You Know if You Have Found True Love?

It is quite ironical that the very nature of every human being is based on true love but we go through life struggling to find it. The problem is that our culture has conditioned us to be mind centric – we have learnt to manipulate every facet of our life because we feel insecure within. The truth is we have lost touch with our source which is deeply based on true love.

In spite of the mental conditioning it is still possible to find true love in a relationship, basically because it inherent in every heart and is just waiting for an opportunity to reveal itself. In this article we will talk about what is true love and how to know if you have found true love in your relationship.

What is true love?

The meaning of true love cannot be encapsulated in a definition. It’s an intuitive feeling that arises in your heart. You can imagine your heart to be a compass that has a magnetic needle that’s always in search of true love. Once you find it, you will know it intuitively.

Remember that you cannot go about finding true love in any relationship. It just happens naturally over course of time – it’s just grace. There are times when the most unlikely person becomes the source of true love. The most obvious sign of true love is that there is something very pure and innocent, and almost selfless, about it.

Some relationships blossom into true love with time. You cannot work at it, it just happens. At times certain adversities might lead to a relationship becoming really close and you find the blossoming of an unconditional love in the midst. It is quite rare to have true love unless there is a deep emotional connect.

How do you know if you have found true love?

In most cases it just comes as a sudden realization that you are in a relationship that is based on true love, it’s usually when you realize there is an unconditional or selfless component to your relation. You know intuitively that this love is true and will last till the end no matter what happens.

It’s not a mind thing. You can find a hundred ways of convincing yourself that you have found true love, but that’s not what’s talked about here. The actually realization happens completely at the heart level or rather the intuition level. When you know you have found true love there will be no doubt about it and you will not have to find reasons to convince yourself.

Though it’s difficult to generalize and add labels to this feeling, there are certain characteristics of true love that distinguish it from a surface level love.

Signs of true love

Watch out for these signs in your relationship as they would indicate the presence or blossoming of true love.

The element of innocence – You cannot have true love and calculation going hand in hand. In true love there is never the need for reciprocation. This love exists without any cause. It almost seems impersonal because there is not clinging quality to it.

There is no neediness – Most relationships start off with the need for fulfillment. There is a lot of neediness involved which translates into possessiveness, jealousy and a sense of ownership. True love usually blossoms when you are done will all of this and surrender to the feeling of love itself – you love without any conditions. People who have known true love know what this means.

A sense of freedom in the relationship – In the common relationship there is always an element of bondage. There are some people who even feel suffocated inside a relationship after sometime and so they decide to separate. This is because relationship on its own is always trying to grab hold of something. In true love there is no grabbing, it’s just about giving space, freedom, happiness and trust very unconditionally.

True love is not manipulative – You will not come across the “tit for tat” mentality inside a relationship involving true love. If someone truly loves you they will not expect anything in return and hence will not manipulate your life. Relationship without manipulation is a definite sign of true love.

Going by these characteristics of true love it almost seems unachievable, but it does exist, sometimes it arises suddenly in a relationship that has no hope at all. True love can easily be called grace because there is nothing you do to get it or feel it. It just happens naturally. So to answer – How do I know if I found true love? – You will know by the grace you feel in your heart.