Nervous About Your First Date? Try These First Date Tips

Going out on a date with someone for the first time can be an extremely fulfilling experience but it also brings along with it a whole lot of nervousness. Often people spend a whole lot of time just thinking about how they will act on a first date, what they should wear, how they should talk, the place to go, how will the date end and what not. The list just goes on and on. In-fact people get so involved in these thoughts that they totally forget that a first date is something to look forward to and is a fun thing to do.

First Dates are Fun – Enjoy Yourself

First dates are fun and you should learn to enjoy yourself instead of worrying too much about things that will ultimately not matter. When you go to a date with the right person things will automatically fall in place. You don’t have to do a thing.

It is natural to be nervous when two people go out together for the very first time. Both men and women are prone to feel some butterflies in their stomach or a slight case of the jitters when they are out on first dates. But this is only natural. There is nothing to hide. If you are feeling too nervous just admit it to the other person. This will help break the ice and you will automatically feel more comfortable and relaxed. The key here is to accept your emotions instead of suppressing them or feeling afraid of them. Don’t think that the other person will look down upon you if they find out that you are nervous. This is absolutely untrue. Unless of-course the person is very mean in which case you are better off staying away from him or her.

Some of the miscellaneous things to remember is be courteous, polite, don’t be picky, and don’t worry about goodnight kisses and so forth. Just be natural and at ease. The rest will fall into place!

In this article we are going to look at some important points that men and women can bear in mind while going on a first date. Let’s start with the men.

First Date Tips for Men

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Do men face more pressure than women on a first date? Men sometimes overstress themselves with obsessed thoughts on how to impress the girl often forgetting that thinking non-stop about something isn’t going to solve anything. Rule number one is to remove the thought from your mind that women are complicated creatures who are extremely difficult to please. Just have an open mind. Your goal should be to make the woman feel desired, safe and inspired. Let’s see how to can achieve these goals:

1.) Be Yourself: Irrespective of anything, always be yourself! If you are shy person, present yourself as a shy person, if you are an extrovert who loves to talk, do that. The goal is to show her that you
are completely comfortable with yourself. In other words, you accept and love yourself. Remember that only a person who loves himself has the ability to love others. If you hate yourself, you will automatically have a feeling of hatred towards others knowingly or unknowingly. If the girl does not like you for who you are then she definitely was not worth it in the first place.

2.) Confirm Early and Be Punctual: Call her well in advance to confirm the date. Call her Friday evening to confirm the Saturday night date. Secondly pick her up at the said time. Remember that waiting time can grow into a time of anxiety and frustration for the girl which will reflect in the date.

The best ways to insure that you’ll be on time for a date is to know where you’re going in advance. This means get the specific directions ahead of time. Also leave your home earlier so you can do whatever else you need to do before you have to go and pick up your date. Prompt planning ahead produces the best results!

3.) Make her Feel Comfortable: Show her your approval by complimenting her. Telling her ‘you look great’ or ‘this dress looks great on you’ should be good enough. But do not overdo it and always mean what you
say from the bottom of your heart cause it shows. Too much of something is just as bad as not enough of something. It’s allowed to be gracious. Just don’t go overboard!

4.) Take the Lead: You are the man so you have to make the plans. Asking a woman what she would like to do is a wrong way to go. So make the reservations in advance and take control of the situation. Let the woman relax and enjoy herself and just follow your lead instead of thinking about what to do next. If you are planning for a surprise, give her hint of where you intend to take her so she can dress for the occasion.

Make sure to pick up the check and don’t be stingy with the tip. Remember that she will be watching.

5.) Drink Versus Dinner Date: There is no written rule that your first date should be a dinner date. Suggest her drink instead of dinner. This way both of you will be comfortable than sitting through a boring four-course meal.

6.) Don’t Stare at Other Women: During the date listen to what she says before you begin to answer. Let her speak her heart out. Do not interrupt her. Don’t seem uninterested and most importantly don’t stare at other women.

7.) Don’t Ask Stereotypical Questions: Don’t ask questions just for the sake of asking questions. Try to make interesting conversation instead of asking conventional questions like ‘what is your favorite music or movie or ‘who is your favorite celebrity ’.

8.) Live the Moment: Don’t keeping thinking about stuff like ‘will she kiss me?’, ‘will she ever call me back’ or anything else for that matter. In other words stop thinking about the future and come to the present. Remember that you are dating this woman right now and you need to enjoy every bit of this moment. So live in the present and leave the future to the future. Just know that things will be right once you start living in the moment.

9.) End the Date Right: Remember that as human beings our likes and dislikes vary. And dating is just a way to find out a partner with similar likes and dislikes. In other words a person who is compatible. If you thought the date was a dud, tell her that it was great meeting her and thank her for coming. On the other hand if you think she is the one or that you would like to know her better then walk her to the door and tell her that you had an amazing night. This is the right time to move in for the liplock. Remember not to get despaired if she turns her cheek. That does not mean she does not like you, just that she is not ready for the kiss yet. Set up another date with her then and there. Wait for an extra 30 seconds while she gets inside instead of turning and leaving immediately.

Okay so the important thing to do is to stay in the present, be yourself and enjoy yourself. Is that too much to ask for? Keep in mind that dating is your quest to find the right girl and in the process get to meet and socialize with new and interesting woman. When you find the right person and when the frequencies resonate, you will know. At this point your inner power will take over and things will work out perfect. It is nature that brings men and women together and the power of nature is immense. So stop worrying and start looking forward to your first date. Have fun!

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