Things to Talk About on a First Date

Most guys and girls agree on having a difficult time figuring out things to talk about on their first date. It’s true that when you meet someone for the first time you are quite clueless about what’s the right or wrong thing to say to them. Groping for things to talk about, while on a date, can leave you feeling awkward and discomfited.

What helps is an attitude of being non-judgmental. Just be interested in sharing and listening, this simple mantra can help you feel relaxed and enjoy your date. In this article we have provided some tips and suggestions on what to talk about on a date, especially the first time.

What’s your date wearing?

There are several personality traits hidden in the way a person dresses. Some people dress snappy while some are uber casual. Talk to your date what he or she is wearing by either complementing it or commenting about it. Don’t say anything critical though.

If you have interesting hobbies, talk about it

What do you do during your idle hours? This is a safe line of inquiry that opens up new avenues of subjects to talk about. You can tell your date about your hobbies and see if you can get him/her interested.

Talk about childhood

Which school did you go to? Where did you live as a kid? These questions make for good stuff to talk about on a date. Everyone loves to talk about their childhood and there are bound to be some interesting stories to share.

Do you have pets?

People who have pets love to talk about them. So if your date has a pet at home, it makes for a good subject to discuss on and if you both have the same type of pet, well you have a chemistry going already. You can also talk about the pets you friends or family members have.

Relatives and family can make for good subjects

Guys usually shy away from talking about their relatives and family while girls are quite keen on talking about them. There is usually something interesting to talk about a grandpa or a grandma or that bratty cousin and you can always talk about the eccentricities of your uncle or father.

Food is a favorite topic

Most people are foodies to a small or large extent so food becomes a great subject to talk about on a date. Discuss about what you like rather than what you dislike, ask your date about the various cuisines he/she is interested in or any unique ones that they’ve tried. You can also talk about the cocktails you like and your cooking skills (or lack of it!).

Places you have been to

Don’t we all love to listen about places we’ve never been to? Ask your date about where he or she did her education or the places they’ve traveled to. If you’ve been to some interesting place or traveled to some distant country, talk about their attractions and culture. You can also talk to your date about the places he/she would like to visit.

What have you been listening, reading and watching?

Favorite sitcoms, movies, music, actors, icons or anything else related to the arena of entertainment can bring out a lot of topics to talk about on a date. If you share a common interest in a genre of books or music, it becomes a good topic to discuss about. Celebrity gossip can also make for interesting stuff to talk about on a date, just make sure your date is equally interested.

In conclusion, just be relaxed and try to listen more than you try to talk. Listening by itself will help you come up with new subjects to talk about. On a date, it is important to come across as someone who is as interested in listening as in sharing.

And remember, if you run out of things to talk about on a date, you always have the weather to comment on.



  • Lene
    Posted April 14, 2013 at 6:33 am | Permalink

    Thanks.. now if only he asks me out on a date.. lol 🙂

  • VP
    Posted December 7, 2012 at 1:46 am | Permalink

    Asked her out on a date last night and she agreed.. hopefully I don’t screw this one up!