10 Fun Things to Do on a Date

The choice of what you do and how you spend your time at a date will greatly influence the quality and depth of your relationship. It’s not always easy to find interesting and fun things to do on a date but don’t ever stop being creative. Dating doesn’t have to be expensive or common place, you can have as much fun eating a corn on a cob together at a deli as you would have eating Italian at a boutique restaurant.

Here are some interesting tips on things to do on a date.

Enjoy a chow at an exotic restaurant

Nothing better than an evening at an exotic cuisine restaurant that your date has never visited before – Indian, Caribbean, Korean & Thai are good options. Just make sure you’ve been to the place at least once before and know of the food quality and standards there. Eating out is usually the best thing to do on a first date in most cases.

Do community service together

There is nothing more bonding than to work on a community service project together. For example you can help at the old age homes or at a place for special children. If you have never tried this before do give it a shot because it is a fun and constructive means of spending time together on a date.

Go on a hiking trip

This activity is best done in the morning. Take a long hike along the open fields or hills near your area or just drive down to the nearest hiking place. This is a great “no-expense at all” dating idea that you can enjoy.

Browse through a book store

There is something about bookstores that make them pretty romantic, especially if you love books. You may come across some book you read as kids or find some interesting book to talk about. It can turn out into a really interesting dating idea, just be sure to visit a large bookstore.

Get a barbeque going

If you own a rock fire pit, or a barbeque station, in your backyard then there is nothing cozier than a lazy evening of outdoor cooking. Stock up on the beer or wine to make the occasion more fun.

Cook together

There is nothing more fun than to bake a pizza together or try out a Italian or Chinese dish. You can show off your cooking skills and impress your date, or may be you are a bad cook, but either way it is a great bonding activity.

Play a fun sport

It can be anything – tennis, racquetball, basket ball or even playing catch. There is no better way to unwind and feel comfortable than to use the medium of an interesting sport. Usually an interesting thing to do on a first date to break the ice.

Go to an exotic place of worship

Places of worship are very soothing and there is also an emotional element to it. Visit some exotic places of worship like a Hindu temple or a Buddhist monastery nearby. Definitely an inexpensive and serene way of spending time on a date.

Head for a carnival

If there is a carnival visiting near your area, then be sure to take your date there. The rides are a great way to cling to your date on the pretext of feeling scared. You will readily find several interesting things to do with your partner out there; don’t miss out on the cotton candies.

Have a picnic at a sunset point

Pack a dinner and head for a beautiful sunset point. You can just sit there and chat about a hundred things under the sun. There is something very romantic about sunsets that can trigger a deep emotional bond. It’s a fun and inexpensive way of bonding on a date.

There are several other fun and interesting things to do on a date that you can come up with just by getting creative and thinking out of the box.