Advice on Losing Your Virginity

Any person who is yet to experience sexual intercourse is technically a virgin. In this article we explore the various aspects involved in losing your virginity. It will come as a surprise to girls, but there are good many guys who stay steadfast to not lose their virginity until they are married or with a partner whom they are likely to marry. In fact in many countries in the east, this is mostly the norm with both, guys and girls.

Why Lose Your Virginity?

One of the most important things to consider before losing your virginity is to think about what your primary motivations are for doing so. In the western countries, it’s not really a big deal for many youngsters and they are quite casual about it. So if you have no inhibitions about losing your virginity, then by all means go ahead with it.

However, there are some youngsters who end up giving into peer pressure and give up their virginity simply to prove a point or to stay true to their group. A person can go through a lot of emotional rubbage when such decisions are taken for the wrong reasons.

There are many girls, even in the west, who want to stay true to their future husband by retaining their virginity for the wedding night. This a good reason as any for staying celibate till marriage. A man who finds his bride to be a virgin is bound to feel a lot more bonding towards her and the married relationship is likely to be a strong one. The virginity factor has a huge psychological impact on the guy, as well as girl, when it comes to marriage.

In countries like India, the most important reason for stable marriages is cited to be the fact that the girl does not lose her virginity before marriage.

Do Not Give into Peer Pressure

Statistics have shown that in many cases it is peer pressure that makes a boy or girl make up their mind to give their virginity away. But think about this for a second. Just because your friend(s) have lost their virginity does not mean that you have to. Every one of us is unique and we have unique needs and wants. In life you always have to set your own rules and follow those rules no matter what. If you do not think it is the right time do not do it. Do not let your friends pressurize you. They do not own your life. You decide what is best for you.

The best way to lose your virginity is to ask yourself if it is the right time and if it is the right person. If the answers to these two questions come back yes, then you know you can proceed without any doubts. However, if the answer is no or one to which you do not have a definite response, the best advice would be to wait until you can have a more certain answer. That way you will not make a mistake ahead of time.

Are You Really Ready for It?

Ask yourself exactly who you are as a person. Are you ready for physical intimacy leading to intercourse? Are you ready to lose your virginity here and now or should you wait until later? Your individual personality and background will help to give you the answers that you need. If your answer is “no” for the present, then stick to your guns; no one will hold it against you if you decide to wait to have intercourse until you are ready. A potential partner if he/she truly loves you will not pressurize you and will be willing to wait till the moment is right. You have nothing to lose if you say “no”. So go with your gut feeling and take it from there. The final decision is yours anyway and no one else’s.

Losing Virginity for Women

The following advice for losing virginity is aimed at women but many points apply to men as well. So read them carefully.

Losing Virginity and Bleeding: Women losing virginity can experience mild pain and bleeding. However, the good thing is that these are only temporary and do not occur after the first time. But if you continue to bleed abnormally or experience great pain, it is best to consult a gynecologist as soon as possible. Point to note is that this is a rare condition that most women do not experience.

Preparing to Lose Your Virginity: Losing your virginity can be a very satisfying thing or it can be just the opposite. It is all about how you and your partner approach the situation. If you look at it as a very pleasurable and rewarding experience, it will turn out to be so. Nevertheless, if it is something that you are having doubts about or if thinking about it is making you extremely anxious, it can turn out to be a disaster for both you and your partner. So just listen to your inner feeling. What does it say?

When a woman is nervous or afraid about her first time intercourse, it can affect her physically. One symptom being the tightening up of her muscles down below, which can make penetration extremely difficult and painful in some cases. Being tense or nervous can also affect her mood and the mood of her male partner. Therefore, before having sex for the first time, a woman should not be in stress of any kind. If she is, it is best to stop and relax first. This can be achieved by taking a nice and long hot bath or having her partner do a complete body massage for her.

Knowing the Consequences and Complications – Very Important

Most youngsters are pretty well versed about the complications that can result from having unprotected intercourse. Unwanted pregnancy can be a source of huge emotional trauma for the girl involved and can change her entire course of life. There are also many diseases (STD) born through intercourse with an affected person, so it’s important to be careful while selecting your partner. The importance of using proper protection during intercourse cannot be emphasized enough.

From a psychological perspective, it’s important to know that once you lose your virginity, it’s over and done with, and you can’t have it back. Something actually changes in you, and in a sense you are not the same person you were before you lost it. For some this can have a major impact on how they approach their marriage and future relationships, while for some others it’s just a casual affair. Only you need to decide whether you are ready for the consequences. Don’t rush in for the wrong reasons.