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Top Gift Suggestions for your Girlfriend – What to Give and What Not to Give?

The kind of gift that you get for your girlfriend can only be determined by two factors and these are the special occasion and the kind of things that she likes to get as gifts per se. As you just can’t go out and just buy any old thing and pass it off as a […]

Tips on Parenting Twins Successfully

It is difficult enough to learn how to parent a new baby that is an addition to any new family. Nevertheless, parenting twins is more of a complex task as there are two babies instead of one and twice the work and so forth. So how does one who is expecting twins handle the news […]

Ten Tips To Become A Great Step Parent

Parents are parents – whether they are step, adopted or real (natural/ biological). Why then there is so much bad blood when step parents come into the picture. Why is it that the first thing that comes to your mind – and anyone’s as a matter of fact – when you mention step parents is […]

Best Ways to End Relationships

I am not happy with the relationship with my boyfriend. Should I end my relationship? And if yes what are the ways to end relationships with him? The very factor that you are asking this question and thinking about ending the relationship with your boyfriend suggests that you are not happy with the relationship. Your […]

Understanding Loneliness and Learning to Cope With It

Loneliness is a negative feeling. This feeling is experienced by everybody at one time or other in some measures. This is okay – coping with loneliness is a part of the up-and-down emotional make up every person has. However, you might all of a sudden feel extreme loneliness when a loved one dies, when children […]

Sexy and Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Getting your boyfriend a gift is just as special a thing as him buying you one. So therefore make sure that you find him the best gift possible. A gift should reflect the love that you feel for him. As well as be something that is meaningful and shows that you put a lot of […]

Sexy and Romantic Gift Ideas for your Husband

There exist different romantic gift ideas for your husband to accommodate almost any occasion or holiday per se. All you need to do is find the right gift to suit whatever the special moment is and to meet with his specific likes and or needs. One of the most romantic of all holidays is without […]

Trust Issues in Relationships and How to Build Trust

Trust is the bonding force in any intimate relationship and precedes love itself. Even when someone loves you deeply, they can break your trust and leave you shattered and dismayed. Trust builds very slowly but can be lost completely in a moment, it’s a very tender force. In this article we deal three topics, namely […]

Best Way to Break Up With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Relationships have their ups and downs, and are sometimes fraught with challenges. Dating, “live in” relationship and marriage are usually the phases that couples go through when they are involved in a long-term relationship, but sometimes conflicts may arise that dent the fabric of the association. Break ups are a result of unsolvable differences and […]

8 Tips on How to Deal with Controlling Relationships

Also Read: 10 signs of a controlling relationship Here are a few tips on how to deal with a controlling relationship and get back to living a fulfilling life. 1.) You don’t have to break off – Just because you identified yourself to be in a controlling relationship does not mean that you have to […]