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Are You Too Young or Mature Enough to Be a Dad? Test Yourself!

For many becoming a dad is an awesome experience. For many others it is scary, unnerving and even intimidating. You need to prepare well if you want to be a great dad – and it surely takes a lot of work. There are many factors that would change your life when the baby comes. Knowing […]

Learn to Balance Work and Family Life With these Expert Tips

The title is a misnomer because balancing work and family life can never be achieved with ease. This takes a lot of juggling, planning, experimenting, emotional upheavals, professional compromises – among others. In other words it is one of the toughest things an adult would ever have to do. It does not matter how self-sufficient […]

Marriage and Children – What To Do If Your Wife or Husband Does not Want Children?

Those who decide to start an engagement and eventually marry do have some obstacles at times to overcome before they can finally tie the knot. One of the biggest of these roadblocks can be if one partner wants children and the other one does not. This can create a real problem for two who want […]

8 Marriage Problems Signs to Look Out For

Marriage is a tender relationship tied by three strings: love, trust and intimacy. Even if you have a really loving relationship right now there is no guarantee that it will last the test of time. A healthy marriage requires a lot of work and patience from the couple. Small misunderstandings and innocent mistakes can soon […]

5 Steps to Deal with Lack of Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy in marriage is like a blessing from heaven and its lack is like a curse from hell. The very foundation of marriage is built on two factors that humans most crave for: stability and intimacy. We feel blessed in a happy marriage because it fulfills our need for a definite stability in a constantly […]

Causes of Marital Affairs and How to Deal With It

If your spouse gets physically intimate outside marriage then he/she is having a marital affair – there may or may not be any emotional attraction involved. Marital affairs (also know as extramarital affairs) are the most common causes of divorce and it’s quite a traumatic experience for the victim. The foundation of any marriage is […]

Tips on How to Cope in a Sexless Marriage

The total lack of sexual intimacy or infrequency of sex, from a spouse’s point of view, can both be termed as a sexless marriage. Before we proceed, it is important to clear a few myths regarding sexless marriages, they are Sexless marriage is more prevalent in older couples – Nothing can be further from truth. […]

Tips for Saving a Marriage from Falling Apart

Marriages are made in heaven, but divorces, they happen right here on earth. So always make sure that you do not rush to things and try out these easy remedies that might actually help you save your marriage. Try to live separate for a few weeks: Will separating save a marriage, you might ask. Well, […]

11 Tips For A Successful Marriage

Marriage is the final step that you take to seal your relationship in a socially recognized bond. It’s like announcing to the society that you have decided to stay as a couple, it’s the strongest, and most sincere, committment you make in a relationship. You started off by casually interacting with each other, moved on […]